Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, first and foremost I'd like to welcome myself back to this blog from an almost year long sabbatical of sorts...

I think I've learn a thing or two when it comes to explaining philosophies and posing arguments, one of which: you should NEVER make definite statements; there would pretty much be a counter example 99% of the time, most of the time people don't smack it in my face, but something inside me does it for them. I've also learn (a hard) lesson: common sense does not always prevail. The explanation of this I have in mind is rather lengthy, hence I might do another post in future regarding it (or I could integrate it into this post, we'll see how this goes...), but basically, I've realized that I would be nonsensical to rationalize every situation, while serving a God that thrives on irrationality.

A while ago, a friend of mine posed a somewhat philosophical question, I can't remember the exact question word for word, but in essence, he asked why do people who can have children, not want them, leaving an innocent life by the dumpsters, whilst others who desperately want children, can't.

In my attempt to answer the said question: I took a step back and dissected the question if you will, revealing its true face. The theme of the question revolves around the IRONY and INJUSTICE of this world. Correct? So by answering the question this way, not only am I able to answer THIS question, but many more that carry the same theme, although in doing so I may have generalized the situation a tad bit.

Cases like the one above are part and parcel of the irony that is life in this world. Ask yourself this: Would life still be, shall we say, interesting, if this irony were non-existant? ...sure everything would be all peachy and rosy (or the opposite), relatively one dimensional. The single biggest piece of irony (for me at least) is that Jesus came and died for me, came and died for you, even though he did not have to. That I think is evidence which shows how our world is ruled by incidents of irony, paradoxes, weird situations etc. You could go as far to say that the same reason why there is suffering in this world is the same reason why Jesus came - there is a gap between the world of the broken and the world of perfection. The irony: is that, something that's perfect in every way, would be so interested in something so imperfect, that His love would be personified in a way so profound, that the world seems in be in a 2000 year long case of denial, frankly with no change of the condition in sight.

I don't think we should discredit irony, but use it to our advantage. After all, it is only because of irony that we are saved, yet because of irony people suffer as well. As the gifted we should do our duty as to help those who suffer receive the Savior, and get from this world to the next. He who suffered this injustice should not have died in vain.

I think our soul would be truly in line with the vision of God, when we come face to face with circumstances that seem to rock us off our feet, yet be able to be still and say "It is well with my soul". That is irony. That is Godly.

you only live once, you get born twice,

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